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What our clients say.

"Excellence, integrity, and sincere care only begin to describe this company and their approach to their clients. The bar has been set high."
Joel Schindel
"Not only has Cadence helped us achieve charitable status, they’ve also advised me in best practices across the board. I’d like to shine a spotlight on Victoria, who has helped me personally grow as a leader. Across the board, Cadence has been instrumental in ensuring that our legal paperwork is in order so that we can wholeheartedly focus on our important mission - supporting low income entrepreneurs in overcoming barriers in the Downtown Eastside. What's unique about Cadence Charity is that they really care about you on a human level. if you're looking for support in getting your charitable status and best legal practices, I'd recommend Victoria in a heartbeat!"
Christina Wong
"We were struggling to achieve our charitable status, until we met Victoria. Because of her, we now have a thriving community of 50 low income entrepreneurs who have access to resources they once didn't have. Cadence is more than just a service - they take the time to comb through every detail to ensure that your application is immaculate. They go beyond to support you holistically and answer any questions you have, no matter how big or small."
Christina Wong
"Working with Cadence, I’ve received continuous white glove treatment and their care has allowed me to focus on building my non profit into a registered charity. They’ve handled all of our needs and requests with kindness and professionalism … and I would definitely recommend them to everyone!"
Satrajpal Singh
"These past few years have taught me that running a foundation involves a sizeable amount of administrative, legal and fiscal responsibility. It has been so comforting to have found a partner with the experience and willingness to guide us in these realms. Working with Cadence has allowed me and the other members of the Board to focus our energies on creating relevant, compelling stories along with thoughtfully giving to those in need."
Tak Yukawa
"Cadence has been there to help us incorporate as we’ve grown much more quickly than we expected. The whole nonprofit world has been an interesting one to navigate, and Cadence has been a lifesaver. I can honestly say we would not yet have achieved our non-profit status without them."
Nicole Wilks
"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Cadence Charity Office. Prior to launching YELL, my co-founders and I did not have any experience in the charitable sector so the support and guidance we received from Victoria and the talented team at Cadence was invaluable. Thanks to their expert advice and insights, we have been able to grow YELL’s impact to support youth throughout Canada."
Amit Sandhu